McKenzie Mendel WAITLIST
McKenzie Mendel WAITLIST

McKenzie Mendel WAITLIST

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How it works:

Purchase your spot on the McKenzie Mendel waitlist between April 22 and April 26th. On April 27th, we will randomly sort the waitlist and you will be assigned a number. This is your waitlist spot.

**IMPORTANT: At checkout, please list which stones you are interested in.

Each sale, a designated number of waitlist slots will open up (we have to do it this way to not strain McKenzie's workload) . When it is your turn, we will reach out VIA PM to show you available stones per your indicated requests. If none of the options interest you, you may pass and we will do our best to order additional stones that may fit the bill at a later date. If you pass, you will hold your spot at the top of the waitlist for the next round, however, if you decide to pass a second time, you will go to the end of the waitlist (you may only do this once).  This means that you have  up to four opportunities to review and select a designated stone.  If you do not select after four times you will be removed from the waitlist.  

Cost to join the waitlist is a non-refundable custom fee of $25 and does not apply towards the purchase of your custom. 

If you enter in to the waitlist after April 26th, 2019, you will automatically be placed at the bottom wherever we happen to be.