Passport Wallet
Passport Wallet
Passport Wallet

Passport Wallet

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Keep your passport neat and chic.

Think of it as a jacket for your passport, everyone loves a good jacket!

  • 5.5"h x 4"w
  • lined in pig suede
  • 6 card slots

    Leathers: All leathers are from Italy and Germany. Some are more matte and others have a waxy/shine finish to them. The distressed Italian leathers are supple and squishy, but will burnish and patina with wear. Natural characteristics will be visible. Please expect variation in texture and pigment both within and from, one hide to the next. They will reveal markings, scars, wrinkles and some degree of scratches. These are the perfectly imperfect qualities of natural genuine leather and are what make each bag unique from the next.  Please be sure to review Satchel's disclaimer regarding hide variations.

    Shipping:  Bags are not produced by order, rather by style and sometimes leather.  Due to the size of the MPC orders and wide range of lead time, you will see a ship charge PER item.  Each of your items will ship as soon as they are ready.  If we are able to combine any of your bags as they are completed, you will be refunded any difference owed.

    Made by Hand: We pride ourselves in high quality, well-made products made in the USA. As such, no two bags will be exactly identical. As we try our best to be exact as possible, measurements may slightly vary, but will be within 1” of advertised measurements.

    What’s in a leather?:

    Berkshire Leathers (Vintage Look): These leathers were designed in Italy and are a sophisticated casual leather. Unlike distressed leather, the varying hues of this leather are more subtle and flowing resulting in a leather with an authentic, worn-in aesthetic with warmth. These leathers are designed and polished to create a vintage/less is more look.  (These include: Wolf, Tan, Bark, Camel, Bourbon)

    Distressed Leathers (Rich Color, Waxy Finish): These bright color leathers are from Northern Italy and have a waxy/shine finish to them. They are supple and squishy, but will burnish and patina with wear. Natural characteristics will be visible.  (This includes all of the MB leathers.)

    Burnham Leathers (Distressed Nubuck):  From New Zealand’s North Island. An aniline leather dressed with wax and oil that is then milled and polished. The tanner’s artistry is seen in the burnished, polished surface that complements and contrasts with a velvety texture that showcases a luxurious tracking effect that will become more visually appealing with use and wear. The leather has a cool “drapey” hand.  (These include: Raspberry, Fir, Wallaby, Beige, Sailboat, Shale)

    Aniline Black and Aniline Navy are a soft, supple cowhide with a matte appearance with uniform color and beautiful drape.  These hides can range from smooth to pebbly.

    Pythons - Wild harvested from South East Asia.  Reticulated python (which are the biggest ones) have 300k biological hunting tags issued each year. The smaller ones have 40k hunting tags issued a year. It supports the hunters that sell the skins and the meat is consumed similar to the deer season in North America.

    Shagreen Leathers: European full grain vegetable-tanned aniline-dyed cowhide with a hand antiqued finish.

    MADE TO ORDER - please allow 12-15wks for delivery.